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  • Do Decree Records Accept Unsolicited Music?
    No, Decree Records do not accept Unsolicited Music. Only music industry professionals will submit music.
  • What are the services Decree Records Offer To Gospel Artists
    We offer Artist Development, Music Distribution, and Music Submission. Each Department has various sub services that are related to what we offer.
  • Where is Decree Records Located?
    5250 Lankershim Blvd #500 North Hollywood,California 91601
  • Is Decree Records For Gospel and Secular Music Artists?
    Decree Records is structured for Gospel/Christian Music Artists Only
  • Who is does the music distribution for Decree Records
    Symphonic does the music distribution for Decree Records.
  • Is Decree Records a licensed music label?
    Yes! Decree Records is licensed by the State of California.
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