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Gospel Artist Skyla Caldwell-Bryant was Born in Chicago, Illinois. The daughter of Pearline & Raymond Caldwell grew up singing with family & friends. At the age of 10 years old, Skyla would perform at every family and friend event each year. At the age of 15 Skyla sang at Chicago Heights School Musical Fest.  

She also performed at various school events, talent shows, and gospel events. In 2016 Skyla performed at the Dr. Bobby Jones Artists Showcase in the 2019 Dr. Bobby Jones Show, IPrayz Television showcase.


She also won two music awards for the soundtrack of "I Need To Hear From You" in 2020. She also has two awards from the film festival music submission awards. Now Skyla is taking her music to motion pictures and film. Skyla has also collaborated with Warner Bros Entertainment's filming division. 




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