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Brendalia was born into a rich heritage of music, is a Native of what is known to be the Show Me State, St. Louis Mo, and is an Evangelist, Prophetic Minstrel, and a Mother of two. In her spare time, she loves to watch old classics like A Different World, Fraiser, The Nanny, Good Times, Sanford and Son, Leave It To Beaver, while eating popcorn, and having a cup of tea Coming from a lineage of Preachers, Singers, and Musicians, Brendalia hopped on the piano one day at the age of 3 years old, and supernaturally started playing by ear. From there, she started playing for her Great Grandfather's Church at the age of 9 years old under the leadership of the Late Reverend Dr. Garfield Hubbard Sr. and is currently playing today.

Growing up, Brendalia was heavily influenced by the sounds of music from all genres and eras , which helped her get through some of the darkest times of her life. During what would be a plethora of painful experiences in her childhood and teenage years from being bullied, having silent insecurities, to losing her Great Grandmother, music became her painkillers. Oh BUT GOD!!! Brendalia carries New Songs in her heart today. Some of Brendalia's Melodic Musical A listers are, O'landa Draper and the Associates, the Tommies, Andre Crouch, Thomas Whitfield, Natalie Wilson & SOP, Witness, Commission, Anything 80's/90's, Neo Soul, Soft Rock, and the list goes on. Brendalia's mission is to help point people in the right direction through music, by striking the chords of Christ Jesus. My endeavor is to touch someone's life from a God Centered Sound and the soundtracks of my heart and life will always B Sharp .

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